About Buehlow ceramics.

Keramik butik i Svendborg

Buehlow Ceramics is run by me, Kirsten Buehlow.

I graduated in 1996 as a Designer at Højer Design School.

All products are handmade in my workshop located directly opposite my ceramic store at Skovhavevej 13, Tved, 5700 Svendborg. Buehlow ceramics is situated in Tved, only four kilometers from Svendborg city center.

Opening hours: Thursdays from 10 am to 5 pm. The shop is also open by appointment. Tel. No. 00 45 + 29 64 22 10.


“My whole work process is a journey following my own footsteps back in time. It gives me a tranquility, that I again reflect in my works. Here the South Funen archipelago lies deep within me.

Throughout my life, I have always returned to South Funen, both personally and in terms of craftsmanship.

Back to the inexhaustible source of inspiration, that flows from the sea, the forests, the fields, the small timeless villages, hidden castles and exciting harbor environments”.

– Kirsten Buehlow –


Unique ceramics.

Buehlow ceramics is a little universe filled with unique handicrafts in stoneware ceramics, Stoneware pottery for you, your home and your garden. Let craftsmanship inspire you to greater freedom, joy and creativity in interior design, personal style and new garden projects.

In addition to my nordic tableware collection, and my creative crafts for home decor, I also have a garden collection that always attracts attention and creates a special atmosphere in any garden, on any terrace or balcony.

Visit the Buehlow ceramics shop on Skovhavevej 13 in Tved near Svendborg. You will always find unique stoneware ceramics for the discerning buyer.